Welcome to Johnny B's Diet that Destroys Fat! Our mission is to provide useful FREE information to the General Public. This is an example of some of the FREE information we provide. This blog is intended for primarily Women, who have struggled to Lose Weight and keep it OFF for Good-The Natural Way.

Losing Weight Can be Fun and Amazing!

Say Goodbye to BAD, Fad Diets, Diet Foods and Diet Pills for Your Body's Good!

STOP Wasting Time and Money on BAD Diets and Diet Pills!

You Won't have to Worry about Weight Loss Ever Again!

Have You Ever Thought about the Potentially Harmful or Dangerous Chemicals that Might Be in Some Diet Pills or Diet Foods?


My name is Johnny B. I'm no Doctor or Medical expert, but you don't have to be a genius to realize that being over weight can be a Dangerous Medical Condition. Below are simply my Opinions as to WHY Obesity is such a Problem in this Nation.

Obesity is Dangerous, because ALL of those Extra Pounds tend to Stree the Heart, forcing it to work harder than normal.

In my opinion, this Nation's Adults and Children suffer from Obesity due to several factors, such as: Inherited Genes: The overabundance of Food: And, the abnormally HIGH amounts of Food Advertising that People are exposed to each and Everyday.

Just THINK about it. How OFTEN are Fast Food Chains and Restaurants Constantly BOMBARDING People with Food Advertising? Is it 24/7/365? FOOD Advertising is ALL around us. It's on TV, Billboards, Magazines, Newspapers, the Internet and on Cable TV Networks. Is ALL of this FOOD Advertising really Good for Americans, or is it a Recipe for Disaster?

Just about every time I watch TV and see those Delicious Temptations, I get Hungry! Don't you? There always seems to be an excuse to Eat!

I suppose Food Advertising is effective. I guess that's WHY some People attend the ALL U Can Eat Buffet for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Now. Let's discuss the Part that some People just can't help, but seems to be an excuse for the rest of us: Inherited Genes. Some People can't help being Fat, because their Grand Parents were Fat too. But, for most People, this is NO excuse.

Is Your Body Belly Up?

Is Your Body Belly Up?
Is Your Body Belly Up?

Is Your Body a WRECK?

Is Your Body a WRECK?
Is Your Body a WRECK?

Are YOU Having a Medical Emergency?

Are YOU Having a Medical Emergency?
Are YOU Having a Medical Emergency?


Food Advertising

The over abundance of Food can also be a Contributing Factor to Obesity. If this factor did NOT exist and there were a short supply of Food, would this Nation be so Fat? Food for thought!

However this is NOT the Case.

You see. There always seems to be a Micky D's or a Hot Dog Stand conveiniently placed around EVERY Corner, legally enticing people to stuff their bellies FULL! The aroma of unneeded Calories seems to fill the Air with Good Food, such as: Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Barb B Q, Steaks, Chicken, Stir Fry and Cordon Bleu, just to name a few!

So, what can people do, to avoid, such sweet, devilish, confections of flavor? We can't just walk around with Clothes Pins clamped on our Noses or Duct Tape Strapped around our Faces to keep the aroma or delicious juices from flowing in!

I say NO to temptation and DON'T take a bite and Leave that FOOD alone my friend! Are we supposed to walk around with blinders on like some horses do, when pulling wagons or sleds over hills, mountains and valleys far away?

Tow In Your Body For An Overhaul!

Tow In Your Body For An Overhaul!
Tow In Your Body For An Overhaul!


Bring Your Body To Johnny B's Diets!

Bring Your Body To Johnny B's Diets!
Bring Your Body To Johnny B's Diets!

Eat Sensibly

I suggest smaller Plates and a Time Limit at the ALL U Can EAT Food Buffets for a Slimmer YOU! It's Time to IGNOR the Food temptations ALL around us and Lose Weight like never before, for a more Fit and Healthier Nation. It's Time to Forget the Dinner Bell and Skip a Meal every now and then.

Fine Dining seems to be a Good Choice, where they only give small portions, instead of HUGE, MASSIVE Captains Platters, Piled HIGH. Sure. It's great to EAT like a KING every now and then, but there should be a limit and there's NO sense in Gorging ourselves to DEATH!

Let's consider some other Nations, when it comes to Food. It seems that some Eat more sensibly than we do. It also seems that the more Scarce Food is, the Skinnier People are. Some Classes of People Eat lots of rice, grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables and that's WHY they're so Thin? It seems that some people in other Nations, Eat sensible, low fat Foods and smaller portions and NOT like we do. Because, it seems that American's Eat lots and lots of everything, especially around the Holidays! Could this Fact be true due to the HIGH amounts of Food Advertising American's are exposed to?

Now. Let's explore ways to avoid becoming a "victim of the system." Let's discuss the vital Steps that Fat People can take to avoid becoming even Fatter and Reduce in Size, become Thin and Lose Weight.

Unfortunately, for some this may be a daunting task and may take some Time to achieve the Desired RESULTS. The Pyramids in Egypt weren't built in a day either.

Diet Pills, you might THINK are the keys to Success to Losing Weight. But, wait. I'm sorry to Burst your Bubble my over weight friends. Can YOU really TRUST that Potentially Harmful Stuff that may go into those Diet Pills?

How about a more Natural Cure, that comes from the Earth and NOT from a GIANT Corporation's Chemistry lab? Does this sound Good to YOU? You know what the experts say.....

Grapefruit burns Calories, but may NOT have Good effects, when taken with certain Medicines and many People just can't stand the Taste.

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Tune Up Your Body With Johnny B's Diets!

Tune Up Your Body With Johnny B's Diets!
Tune Up Your Body With Johnny B's Diets!


Weight Reduction

So, what other Choices of Weight Reduction Remain? Surgery or Liposuction, you might THINK? Think again!

I once knew a Man, who was so FAT and was sick of it, that he had his FAT surgically REMOVED. But, it was NO Good. You see. He constantly Coughed up Stomach Acid EVERYDAY!

OOOHWEEE, was it Nasty and a Sight to See! This, leading me to believe that he made a BIG mistake and there has got to be a better Solution to this Weight Reduction Dilema.

So, my Over Weight Friends, if YOU need to Lose Weight, take my Advise and DON'T try anything rash, or anything that Claims to be Super Fast. It may do more Harm than Good.

Diet Food, you might Say............ I ask you. How can Eating even MORE Food be Good for You or casue You to Lose Weight?

How do YOU really know what's in it? Is TRUSTING a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation who makes Diet Food, just for the Money a Sensible Option? Where do You THINK they get the Money for ALL of the Advertsing you see on TV? You guessed it. From viewers, just like you!

Is Eating their Diet Food in YOUR Best Interest or in THEIR Best Interest? Have YOU ever thought about the Potentially Dangerous or Harmful Chemicals that Diet Foods may Contain? Consider those Chemicals and HOW they may react, when Taken with certain Medicines.

In my opinion, Losing Weight FAST is wishful thinking and unrealistic. Take it slow and easy and using a more practical approach, makes more sense to me.

Let's face it. Most people aren't Born Fat, but become Fat from unhealthy consumption and just plain too MUCH Eating!

Plus, not getting enough EXERCISE, may also be a Contributing Factor. Most People do NOT get FAT over night, so WHY should they expect to become THIN over night as well?

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A Few Testimonials!

1. Hi Johnny B! I think your blog and Web Site are the funniest I've ever seen! I think your products are great and I lost weight! Thanks for your help! Lisa D. -Louisville, KY

2. Hello! I'm Jenna and I lost 5 pounds so far! I read your e-book and was skeptical at first. But, when I began doing the things it said, I saw results! Your friend. Kim S.- Miami, FL

3. Hi there. My name is Julie and I really like your web site. I've tried a few diets in the past, but the weight came back. So, I ordered your e-book plan and lost 9 pounds! I appreciate you and thank you. Joan C. -Malibu, CA

4. What's up Johnny? I can't say I've read your book, but I did try another diet on your site. I probably would never had heard of it, if it wern't for you. Keep up the good work and I'll keep losing wieght. It's nice to be thin once again. Karen P.- St. Louis, MO

5. I bought your e-book, but I like to eat and think your diet is too strict. So, I saw an ad on your web site and gavie it a try. Those cookies sure are good! Debbie M.- Dallas TX

6. I can't believe your web site! Did you take those pictures and plan that stuff out? Well, anyway I think you did a great job. I'm pleased to say I bought your diet plan and lost 7 pounds so far. But, it took a while, and I'm happy with the results. Cathy E.- Columbia, SC

7. Boy. What a funny guy you are! Have you worked in advertising before? I think I've seen your picture somewhere else, maybe on MySpace. I just thought I'd let you know I buy some products from one of the companies you promote. Thank you so much for the info. Jenny R.- St. Paul MN

Lifestyle Changes

Lifesyle CHANGES for the better, requires Education, Knowledge and Determination. But, like so many others, I Lost Weight the Natural Way and so Can YOU, if You have the guts to Try somethign NEW.

It's the Simple Plans that always seem to Work the Best and make the Most Sense. Complex and Complicated gets thrown out the Window. I guess that's WHY short hair is easier to manage than Long Hair.

So, take a Practical Approach and become Educated on Losing Weight, before you jump in and begin. You may also consider visiting a Physician as well.

In Johnny B's Diet that Destroys Fat, you'll.................................

Learn How to Work With Your Body to Lose Weight the Way Nature Intended.

Give Your Body Only What it Craves Naturally for a More Slender Appearance.

Boost Your Confidence, Self Esteem and Transform Your Body Through Natural Foods With Noticable, Permanent Changes.

Just Say Goodbye to those BAD, Fad Diets for Good!

You Don't Need to Purchase Expensive Organic Foods that Don't Taste Good Either. You only Live Once, so WHY put up with that BAD Tasting Stuff?

Here are a few of the Benefits You'll Receive from Maintaining a Naturally, Healthy and Well Maintained Body:

Burn FAT at a HIGHER Rate.

The Ability to Take Your Mind OFF of Eating Certain Foods.

A More Toned, Shapely and Natural Looking Body.

More Energy and Feeling Younger.

The Ability to Utilize the Energy from Foods More Rapidly.

Speed Up Your Natural, Physical Metabolism.

Encourage Your Body to Reduce Weight and STOP Trying to Fool it with Gimmicks.

Most Diets have an Internal Fatal Flaw and Descrepancy. They Give You a List of Foods You May and May NOT Eat or Even Give You a Diet Schedule for YOU to keep.

Counting Calories? Please. In this Busy World, Who's Got the Time?

Have You Ever Tried Other Diets, Diet Foods, or Diet Pills, Just to Have the Weight Pile Right Back on After a Short Time?

Sure. Some Fad Diets, Diet Foods and Diet Pills, may work for a Short Time, but always seem to FAIL in the Long Run. Have you ever wondered WHY? Could it be some of those Chemicals in it?

Most Diets, it seems, are Unrealistic. Can YOU really Lose 30 Pounds in just ONE Week? I Think NOT. See what I mean? Can YOU Relate?

There are Good Carbs and Bad Carbs. Good Fats and Bad Fats. Who's got the Time to Separate the Two?

Transform Your BODY!

Transform Your BODY!
Transform Your BODY!

Diets in the Past

I don't know about you, but I don't know of Anyone Who Carries around a Science Lab or a Microscope in their Pocket or Purse to Anylize the Foods, they Eat. Do you?

You May Have TRIED Many Other Diets in the Past, but did they Really WORK? Or, did they simply Leave You with an Empty Pocket Book?

You May Be on a Diet RIGHT Now and Drink Diet Sodas and Eat Diet Food everyday. If they worked so well, then WHY are you reading this right now? How well is your Current DIET working for you?

Have you Lost Weight or Gained Weight? Do you Step on a Scale Regularly? Or, is it Broken from being Over Weight?

NO. It's NOT Your FAULT and Johnny b's Diet that Destroys Fat is Designed to Help.

Clearly, YOU have the Desire to Lose Weight, but just Can't Seem to Find the RIGHT Information or the Magic Cure.

But, TODAY, ALL of the Wrong Things about Dieting are about to CHANGE.

Now. Let's begin by Putting an End to the Myths about Dieting, such as: If I jst STOP Eating all together, I'll Lose Weight and Feel Better! WRONG Answer my over weight friend. How can STARVING TO DEATH possibly make YOU Feel Better?!

Let's Realize the TRUTH of the Matter, it's unhealthy to Simply STOP Eating.

Can Starvation, be a Practical, Viable and Final Solution?

It's Time to STOP doing the WRONG Things and Begin doing what Actually WORKS for a Noticible CHANGE for the Better!

So, WHY Fight Your Body or do Things that may Cause Long Term Damage?

Your Heart tries to keep YOU Alive, but works over time and Extra Hard, You're on a Fad Diet or on Potentially Dangerous Diet Pills.

However, YOU may be Pleasantly Surprised at the RESULTS you'll SEE, when YOU have the Power of the RIGHT Knowledge on YOUR Side.

This just makes Common Sense. Don't YOU Agree?

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See Results

Like most People, I think FREE is the Best Price of all.

So, let's Build on what we've Learned so Far..................

When YOU give Your Body ALL of the Good things it Needs, you'll SEE RESULTS over Time and NOT instanlty or immediately. That's just unrealistic and wishful thinking. Let's realize this FACT. It took some Time to GAIN your Excess Pounds, then WHY should YOU expect to Lose it Over Night? Rome wasn't Built in a Day either you know!

When on other Diets you tried Before, did YOU notice How Tired and Sluggish you Felt and You couldn't Figure out WHY? Could it have been ALL of those unnatural Chemicals that Your Body just couldn't stand, Absorb, Digest or Take in?

However, when YOU Give yor Body the Natural Things it needs, YOU WILL See these Benefits, such as:

Increased Energy

MORE Stamina

Decreased Food Cravings

An Increased Rate of Metabolism

Burning FAT More Rapidly

Feeling and Looking Younger

An Increased Self Esteem and a MORE Positive Outlook on Life.

However, to Achieve these Fine RESULTS, You should have a Realistic PLAN and a Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss.

There's Really NO need to Give Up Certain Foods you know YOU love, such as: Pizza, Hamburgers, Pasta, Macaroni, French Fries, Ice Cream, Cake, Cookies, Chocolate, Hot Dogs, Spagettie, BIG Fat Juicy Steaks, Cordon Bleu, Barb B Q, Sub Sandwitches and MORE mouth watering dishes People around the Country Enjoy!

But, can YOU substitute some of these HIGH Fat Content Foods with other Low Fat Foods you like as well? Will some ligh and Low Fat Foods fill you up and Satisfy Your Food Cravings, just as much?

YES YOU CAN! And, it's Time to take Control of Your Destiny and Realize Your Dream of Becoming a THINNER You!

Have YOU ever Gone into a Store and saw a skimpy little outfit that You wanted, but Dared NOT to buy it, because YOU knew You Couldn't even Slid ONE of your BIG Fat Legs down in side it? Yes. It's a Sad Shame, because things Don't have to STAY like this. It's Time to make a CHANGE!

It's Time to Get Educated about the Natural Things that Really WORK and USE this Information Towards Planning Common Sense Solutions.

But, some People need Crutches or Something to Lean on, or maybe a Rock to Hold on to. A Helping Hand and that's where Johnny b's Secrets to Burning FAT comes in.



Healthy Weight

Let's Face it. A Car needs Regular Maintenance and so do YOU! People take their Cars to a Garage and have them Tuned Up.

Regular Maintenance is Essential in Maintaining Healthy Weight Distribution. It's time to fill YOUR Tank with the RIGHT ingrediants for Optimal Performance.

So, STOP filling Your Tank with too much JUNK and Garbage and YOU might just SEE a BIG Difference!

People visit Doctors and Hospitals for a Reason, but Dieting it seems is a Personal Decision, which Requires Leadership, Knowledge, Education, Determination and Dedication.

Shortcuts in Dieting never seem to Work Right Either. I know this from Personal Experience. If it sounds too good to be TRUE, then it probably is. Common. Do YOU Really think it's possible to Lose 20 or 30 Pounds in ONE Week? Neither do I!

It's Time to make a CHANGE and be Honest with ourselves. This is the BEST Place to START, because Johnny B's Diet that Destroys Fat does NOT Promise Pie in the Sky Results, but a TRUE Realistic Approach to Weight Loss.

If there were an Honest to Goodness Solution to YOUR Dieting and Over Weight Dilema, would YOU stick to it? Would you USE it?

If there were a Real Life, Everyday Weight Loss Program for Losing Weight Naturally and Effectively, would YOU be Interested in it?

The Program I'm Describing could Really be the ONE and ONLY Plan you'll ever have to follow or ever need again! PERIOD! Wouldn't that be Grand?

YOU have Reached the Pinnacle and the Cornucopia of ALL Diet Plans and this ONE puts ALL others to Shame. I guarantee it my Over Weight Friends.

The Diet Destroyer Conquers ALL others and puts an End to Fad Diets Foerever. It's Truly the End of the Line and puts Your Body's Natural Fat Burning Ability to WORK for YOU!

Your, Friends, Relatives and Neighbors will be so Amazed and may even be envious or jealous at How GOOD you LOOK!

This is the End of you WASTING even MORE of YOUR Hard Earned Money on Fad Diets, Diet Foods and Diet Pills that just DON'T WORK in the Long Run.

ALL of the necessary TOOLS YOU need to Lose Weight effectively and keep it OFF for Good are Contained in this Simple, but VERY effective Common Sense Program.

If YOU are very Obese, or just Need to Lose a Few Extra Pounds, take out the BIG Guns and Melt Away those unwanted extra pounds the SAFE and Natural Way.

Included in Johnny B's Diet that Destroys Fat, you'll find:

What MAKES you GAIN so much Weight Every Time You Eat a little bit and How to Remedy it.

Information, on How to Beat the Fat Genetic Code for Maintaining your current Weight, once you've Reached your Proper Weight.

WHY excessive Calorie Counting may make YOU even FATTER!

How to Determine the Difference between Good Fats and BAD Fats.

Determine the RIGHT Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Naturally, Safely and Effectively and on Your OWN Schedule.

How to Determine WHY you Eat so much Food everyday and just keep packing on the pounds, steadily GAINING Weight and NOT Losing the Weight you Desire.

I ask you. How can YOU expect to Lose any Weight if you constantly Eat the Same Way everyday? It seems to me that you are just MAINTAINING your Current Weight. Right or Wrong?

Are your Eating habits emotional? Or, is it just a cetain Time of Day when your Food Cravings overwhelme you and break you down, until you just can't resist the Temptation to Raid the Fridge and Chow Down? Can YOU hear me now? Can YOU Relate?

Learn the RIGHT Tools to Calculate YOUR Ideal Weight Proportional to Your Height and Frame Size.

When, NOT to Worry about Excessive Pounds or Inches.

How to Lose Fat and NOT Water. There is a difference you know.

The RIGHT exercises that BURN FAT from YOUR Body and Melt those Extra Pounds Away.

These are just SOME of the Many Topics you'll Find in Johnny B's Diet that Destroys Fat! It's the Diet Destroyer!

So, if YOU are very Serious about Weight Loss, Weight Control and Maintaining your Reduced Weight.........................................

Keeping those Extra Pounds OFF for Good and Permanently, then there is NO other Viable Option or Solution and NO EXCUSES............................................................................................

Ask yourself this Simple Question. Can YOU Really Afford to miss out on this Great Opportunity to Effectively LOSE WEIGHT and Keep it OFF for Good?

In my Opinion, your KNOWLEDGE of Proper Weight Loss is an Essential Tool to becoming a NEW You.



Special Offer

So, make that Life CHANGING Decision TODAY! You'll be glad you did, especially, when YOU SEE Real and Dramatic RESULTS.

As, you can see, I've already given YOU plenty of FREE Information Concerning Weight Loss and FREE is always the BEST Price.

And, now it's Time for my Very Special Offer and there is NO obligation to buy. It's just a Simple Invitation at a Special Low Price.

However, to Review the Diet Destroyer for FREE, just Click on the Link Below.

When You Get Thin- Eat Like a Queen at Johnny B's!

When You Get Thin- Eat Like a Queen at Johnny B's!
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Great Product

If you like what you see, then grab your Copy of this Great E-Book, while available and supplies last. Just one more note. This Great Weight Loss Program was Selling by Popular Demand for $71.00! But, it was Reduced Down to only $47.00. But, now for a Limited Time Only, it is yours for Only $27.00!

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So, try it TODAY and Start Losing Weight! You'll be Glad you did!



Johnny B.

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